At North Valley Church, we believe that the worship experience should give you an authentic voice before God. Worship is to be inspiring, dynamic, and life-transforming. Worship is warm, inviting and real. Worship is designed so that you can feel comfortable bringing a friend who is new to church. And you can be assured your kids are in great care at our NVC Kid's worship.

Beginning Sunday, February 10, 2019, we have transitioned to 8:45am Small Groups and 10:00am worship.

Preschoolers will have quality childcare during the 8:45am time and small group discipleship during the 10:00am time.

School-age children will focus on small groups using the Orange curriculum during the 8:45am hour. For the 10:00am hour, children will begin by joining their families in the Worship Center during music and prayer. Before the sermon begins, the children will dismiss to a large-group worship time (located in the Discipleship Room) designed for them with songs, games, and a Bible Story.


Worship Gatherings

8:45am Small Groups
10:00am Worship


Worship band


Where do I go?

8:45am Small Groups
*Ask a friendly Greeter!
10:00am Worship in the Worship Center

8:45 & 10:00 - Preschool Hall

8:45 - Preschool Hall
10:00 - Worship Center then dismiss to Discipleship Room

Middle / High School
8:45 - Community Room 10:00 - Worship in the Worship Center