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Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Whether your child is an infant or a 5th grader they are an NVCkid!

At NVCkids we value the partnership between family and the church. Parents have approximately 936 weeks until their child graduates and we want to help make every second count! We provide resources to continue the conversation of what they learn on Sunday into their everyday lives with YOU as their main influencer.

In every aspect of our ministry we try to focus on NVC’s Mission Statement: We exist to become like Christ for God’s glory and others.

Sunday Mornings

When a first time parent walks into our church you will be greeted by smiling faces waiting to check you and your child in to our database. The check-in team will give you a pick up tag used to pick up your child. 

On Sundays our focus is to become like Christ for God’s glory. We do this by having intentional small groups that are separated by ages and grades. These small groups have incredible leaders who want NVCKids to be the best it can be. In a small group the kids will play games, form intentional relationships, and learn how to apply the Bible stories to their lives. During the 10:00am Worship service, elementary age kids join their parents before the sermon and then are dismissed for a 20-30 minute timeframe of high energy worship and kid specific biblical teaching in the Discipleship room.


Wednesday Nights

During the school year on Wednesday nights from 6-7pm we focus on the “others” aspect of our mission statement. We offer Mission Friends, RA’s and GA’s. Mission friends is our missions education program for Preschool aged kids. RA’s is missions education for boys and GA’s is missions education for girls. We look at how we can impact our community, state, nation, and world by doing missions projects and learning about different parts of the world and the missionaries that serve there.


What is the No Limits Ministry?

We have a ministry for children with special needs and their families! If you would like your child to participate and don't want to fill out a form on Sunday morning, download and print it by clicking here.