Our Mission

We exist to become like Christ
for God's glory and others.

To become like Christ...

We want to first come to know Christ and then to become like Him. We believe this is done in a process of time where we experience the grace of God in our lives through spiritual disciplines and discipleship. This is the most practical way to glorify God.

for God's glory...

Glorifying God is the best and most important thing we can do with our lives. At its core is the idea that we are completely overwhelmed and satisfied by God. The weight of who God is and His presence in us changes everything about us and how we live.

...and others.

Lastly, we realize that every work of God in our lives is meant to multiply and be reproducible in the lives of others. We become like Him and glorify Him by serving others and so others can then do the same. Our faith is meant to be lived out in relationship with all the world.