Jesus came to earth for one reason: the glory of God.

His mission had two parts:

1. To die and rise again so that lost and sinful people would be able to become His disciples for God’s glory.

2. To invest time to make disciples who will make disciples for God’s glory.

This is our story. This is a story that began after the fall of humans in Genesis and continues today.

Jesus said the best way for God to receive glory was for this story to continue until He says time is over and Jesus comes back to get us. He also said the best way for His disciples to disciple others is through the context of relationships He called being “the Body of Christ” or the church. The purpose of the church is to see individuals become like Christ for God’s glory and then to help lead and influence others to do the same.

In our church, we believe discipleship requires a right understanding and study of God’s Word and a practice of spiritual disciplines. We believe that a growing disciple must seek to know, understand, practice, and reteach God’s Word. We believe discipleship is experiential (meaning if you aren’t living it out and practicing it, then you aren’t fully experiencing all it has to offer). Said another way: you just aren’t really getting it if you aren’t living it.

Lastly, in our philosophy of discipleship, we believe it has to be intentional. We believe Christ-centered discipleship is never accidental. We don’t take for granted and assume just because someone shows up to our weekly worship or has their names on our rolls that they are growing disciples. We want to be intentional.

We have created Disciple U for that purpose. Our goal is to intentionally walk through essential principles and truths for discipleship with anyone who is willing to join us in this story.

Are you ready? Have you ever wondered if you could and should be learning more and deeper things about your faith? Do you have questions about how you are supposed to understand it all and think through it well? Is it ever hard to understand exactly how your faith is supposed to intersect with your everyday life?

Come, join us at North Valley Church and let’s try to figure it out together!