Disciple U is a discipleship strategy at North Valley Church that creates an ongoing culture and system of disciples who make disciples. The format is designed after a university-style model. Each level has prerequisites to be taken before moving onto the next level. The long-term goal is a model of reproducing leadership to allow exponential growth. This program is designed to span a lifetime of growing as a disciple but it should take at least 3-4 years to complete the most basic requirements. Below outlines a simple description of each level of Disciple U and the current structure of courses that will be offered both now and in the future under each level.

101 – This level is designed with the basic discipleship of every church member in mind. The goal is for each member to eventually go through each of these courses. However, it would require completion of at least 4 of these courses to receive 101-certification. For any church member who completed each of these courses there would be a special 102-certification and recognition.

  • Ÿ NVC Mission Ÿ Meeting With God

  • Ÿ Sharing Your Faith Ÿ Following Christ

  • Ÿ Parenting Ÿ Knowing and Doing God’s Will

  • Ÿ Marriage Ÿ Fear of Man


201 – This level is for those church members who want to dig deeper and to truly become students of the Word of God. The expectation for this level is that people complete one of the columns of two courses below for 201-certification. There would be a special 202-certification and recognition for anyone who took all six.

  • ŸHow To Study the Bible

  • Theology

  • NT Survey

  • ŸOT Survey

  • Apologetics

  • Biblical Manhood and Womanhood


301 – This level is for those church members who want to go deeper into intentional whole-life discipleship. The expectation to receive 301-certification would be to do at least one of these courses and to begin leading 101 studies. 301 certification then would likely take two semesters. For anyone who completed both courses, there would be a special 302-certification and recognition.

  • ŸReal Life Discipleship

  • Experiencing God

  • ŸLead a 101 Course


401 – This level is for your handful of Master Teachers and Disciple-makers in the church who want to be primary disciple-makers going forward.

  • ŸPastoral Mentorship Program

  • Lead a 301 Course